How to Watch IPL Live 2021 For Free

How To Watch IPL Live Free :  It has happened like every year this year, Cricket is already very popular in India and since the IPL came, the popularity of Cricket has increased even more since IPL started in 2008. Thin and since then till date, IPL is watched by millions of people worldwide and it is the most watched cricket league in the world and many records have been made in IPL. Children, old and young everyone eagerly wait for it.

 Crores of rupees are spent in IPL and this greatly benefits the BCCI, the team sponsor, the IPL sponsor and the players playing in the IPL and because of the crores of spending, children, old and young, all over the world. Is crazy

Let's know now How To Watch IPL Live Free In 2021?

How To Watch IPL Live Free In 2021?

By the way, there are three ways to watch IPL Live, the first one is to go to the stadium, the second is to watch live in TV at home and the third is to watch live in Mobile / Computer, but when we go out of work, we cannot watch IPL Live on TV. Then you have only one chance to watch IPL Live on your mobile but

Previously you could watch IPL Live on your mobile with the help of Hotstar App but now you can not watch Live IPL on Hotstar because OTT Platform Disney + Hotstar says that now that Live IPL will only be seen by the user taking the Premier Pack. That is, if you have not taken the subscription of Hotstar premiere, then you cannot watch Live IPL on Hotstar but

You do not need to be disappointed, there are many such apps with the help of which you can watch in IPL 2021 Live Free, then read this post to know about those apps, you will know that there is an App from Cone Live IPL Match. Let's see who knows

1. JioTV

If you are a Jio user, you can watch Live IPL for free with the help of JioTV. To watch IPL Live for free in JioTV, you must have a Jio SIM and if not, then a friend or relative of yours has a Jio SIM. So you can create your account in JioTV through that Jio SIM number and enjoy Live IPL for free. 

Jio company gives its user a lot of things like Live Cricket, TV Serials and Movie for free through JioTV, let's know now

To watch Live Cricket in JioTV, first of all you have to download the JioTV App and select Sports by opening it, now you will get to watch Live Cricket.

You can download the JioTV App from the Play Store

2. Video Buddy

Video Buddy is a very good live cricket match viewing app, in it you can watch IPL 2021 Free

In the Video Buddy App, apart from cricket, you can watch movies, TV serials, web series and news. 

The Video Buddy App is not on the Play Store and the app named Video Buddy on the Play Store is absolutely a throwaway app, so if 

If you want to download the Video Buddy App, you can go to Google and search and from the first website that will come, you can download the Video Buddy App and after installing it and creating your account in it, you can watch it in IPL 2021 Free.

3. Thop TV

Thop TV is very good and popular IPL live streaming app, in it you can watch live cricket match for free, in this app you can watch all sports live. 

In this, apart from sports, you can watch a lot of things like Live News, TV Serials, Movie, and you can see all this for free.

You will not find the Thop TV App in the Play Store, so to download the Thop TV App, you can search in Google and download the Thop TV App from the trusted website that appears there.

You can install Thop TV App and open it and watch Live IPL Match.

4. Oreo TV 

Oreo TV App is exactly like Thop TV App, in this you can watch Live IPL 2021 Free Me very easily.

In Oreo TV you can watch all sports live and in Oreo TV you will get all the things of JIOTV and Airtel TV and it is absolutely free.

You will not find Oreo TV App in Play Store, you can search and download Oreo TV App in Google. 

5. Airtel Xtreme 

Airtel Xtreme App is the app of Airtel itself and Airtel Xtreme App is the same as JioTV App. If you are a user of Airtel and have unlimited recharge plan then you will get a subscription of Airtel Xtreme for free and you can watch Live IPL for free.

In this app you can watch Live Cricket, Other Sports, Latest Movie, Latest Song Live News, TV Show etc.

You can download the Airtel Xtreme App from the Play Store and use it, it is an absolutely trustworthy app.

6. Tata Sky

If you use the setup box of Tata Sky, then you can use the Tata Sky App absolutely free.

You can watch Live Cricket Match, Other Sports, Movie, TV Serials etc. in Tata Sky App and can also recharge Tata Sky Setup Box.

You can download the Tata Sky App from the Play Store and after installing it, you have to login with the mobile number that you gave while taking your Tata Sky Setup Box in it, after that you can watch whatever channel TV You can see all those channels in mobile too

7. HD StreamZ

This is also a very popular app and it is running in very trend on youtube, you can watch IPL 2021 Free Me Live in it.

You can watch all sports other than cricket live, in which you also get to see Star Sport channels.

You will not find HD StreamZ App in Play Store, so you can search and download it in Google.

8. Google

You may be wondering how we can watch Live Match in Google, then let me tell you that you can not watch Live Match in Google, but you can enjoy Live Score and Hindi and English commentary.

To see IPL live score in Google, you have to do IPL search and you will get IPL live score and commentary and it is absolutely free.

In this, you have to search by typing the name of the sports whose live score you want to see.

9. Facebook

You must be thinking that how can we watch IPL 2021 Live on Facebook, then let me tell you that you can really watch IPL Live on Facebook and that too in Free

To watch IPL Match Live on Facebook, you have to search by writing IPL Live in the Facebook App and go to the option of video, you will get to see IPL Match Live.

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