How to watch IPL 2021 free live without HOTSTAR OR DISNEY

IPL live kaise dekhe: We are all going to watch IPL 2021 this time sitting at our house but as before, this time you will not get to see ipl at HOTSTAR. 

This time the ipl is going to be enjoyed only by the prime consumers of DISNEY + HOTSTAR, but if you do not have the prime membership of DISNEY + HOTSTAR, then you will not want to miss this ipl.

Not everyone can subscribe to the HOTSTAR or PREMIUM LIVE STREAMING APP for IPL, but if you want to watch ipl and don't have DISNEY + HOTSTAR's PRIME MEMBERSHIP like DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP, don't worry. 

We'll going to tell you about some LIVE STREAMING APPS on where you fully enjoy the IPL LIVE Free will lift | So to know how to free IPL dekhe live without HOTSTAR OR DISNEY, you read this article completely.

How to watch live in IPL 2021 free

This time due to Corona, the IPL 2021 is a bit late but it is not avoided, but the cricket fans will not be able to enjoy it by going to the field this time and the survivors who used to watch the match on the hotstar will now seek the same as the hotstar. An app that shows them IPL 2021 without any subscription. There are a lot of APPS available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE from which you can watch IPL LIVE for free. So let's know which are the top 5 LIVE STREAMING APPS FOR IPL 2021 .

IPL 2021 to watch FREE APPS


Here OREO TV LIVE STREAMING APP can be a better option for you to watch IPL live. On OREO TV you can watch all STAR Channels LIVE , apart from this, IPL GLOBAL CHANNELS 24 × 7 is the new feature of this APP. You can also watch Sony LIVE here for absolutely free.

 Here you can also watch LIVE TV without any interruptions, you will get to see 1100+ channels on this LIVE STREAMING APP and along with all the features of DISNEY + HOTSTAR with PRIME SUBSCRIPTION, you are going to get it in OREO TV.

You will not find OREO LIVE STREAMING APP on GOOGLE PLAY STORE because this app does not follow Google's policies in a way, but you can download this app from OFFICIAL WEBSITE of OREO TV. 

This APP is a completely TRUSTED APP, you can download it by clicking on the DOWNLOAD given below and enjoy this time of IPL for free.



Like OREO TV LIVE STREAMING APP , THOP TV is also a better option. This time, many people are enjoying thop TV cricket live to watch IPL. You can also watch IPL 2021 LIVE on THOP TV for absolutely free. Here you will get to see lots of LIVE SPORTS CHANNELS FREE from where you can enjoy IPL 2021 in full. Like OREO TV, you will not find this app in GOOGLE's PLAY STORE, but you can download it from any APK DOWNLOADING WEBSITE.


If you do not like the option of OREO TV and THOP TV , then you can go to VIDEO BUDDY LIVE STREAMING APP here you will get all SPORTS LIVE STREAMING CHANNELS FREE. If you want to watch more TV SHOWS, MOVIES, DRAMAS other than IPL, then this is absolutely right for you.

You can download the VIDEO BUSSY LIVE STREAMING APP from their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and enjoy the IPL to its fullest.

Cricbuzz and Cricinfo

If you do not have a smartphone and you want to watch IPL 2021 on a mobile with a keypad, then you can go to google and search for Cricbuzz ya Cricinfo directly. Apart from this you can also search by writing ipl live score. By clicking on the site which will come at the top, you can see the match that is going live, in this you can see the scoreboard of any cricket match live, not only of IPL 2021.

PREMIUM APPS to watch IPL 2021

If you want to enjoy DISNEY + HOTSTAR, then you do not need to buy DISNEY + HOTSTAR directly. And if you are subscribing to DISNEY + HOTSTAR LIVE STREAMING for IPL only then it will not be much economical. Below are some options, you can choose any of them if you can invest some money.


If you are using JIO SIM, then all you need to do is activate a recharge plan of ₹ 499 or ₹ 777 in your SIM and in this you will also get a subscription of DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP for free to watch IPL 2021 live.

All you have to do is download the JIO TV APP from Google Play Store and you can enjoy IPL 2021 on your favorite SPORTS CHANNEL.


Just like JIO TV, with a recharge, you will be able to watch IPL on AIRTEL TV LIVE STREAMING APP. On AIRTEL SIM you will get EXCESS of LIVE STAR SPORTS CHANNEL on a recharge of ₹ 401 and you will be able to watch IPL on your AIRTEL TV


Star sports channel is also available on TATA SKY MOBILE APP where you can watch IPL. For this, all you have to do is go to the Play Store and install the Tata Sky mobile app from there, after opening the app, you have to take its membership, after which you can watch the IPL on Star Sports Channel.

This was the complete article of IPL kaise dekhe Live Free me . If you have any other question, then do tell us in the comments, you will get the answer in the comment itself. We hope you like the article. If yes, then you should share and comment on it, so that we will be encouraged to write such articles.

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